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Peer led recovery groups can help you.

Peer Services

When you’re convinced no one understands what you’re going through, peers demonstrate self-help strategies based on their own recovery experience, and can help people help achieve recovery goals.

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Recovery is Supported By Peers

Mutual support and peer-led recovery groups are important to recovery. These relationships allow people to share their experiences, information, and help people progress further in their recovery. Peer support encourages and engages people in their recovery and helps to develop a support system. Peers help people develop a sense of belonging and teach self-advocacy. They teach skills, build confidence, and encourage the belief that a person can live a healthy life managing mental illness and/or substance abuse. At CHCS, our peers are evidence of that fact!

What Can Peers Do for You?

  • Offer hope and encouragement
  • Model recovery, resiliency, and shared decision making
  • We advocate for you, and teach you effective self-advocacy
  • Help you achieve your life and recovery goals
  • Teach skills learned by first-hand experience
  • Help you navigate through CHCS
  • Facilitate contact with internal and external resources

Peer Services at CHCS include:

  • Individual Sessions – Peers can meet individually with people to assist them to develop effective coping skills and instill in them hope as they work through their treatment phase towards recovery.

  • Group Sessions – Peers provide groups that people can attend to learn new coping skills and share their skills with others.

  • Support and Advocacy – Peers can assist when an individual is overwhelmed and needs someone to talk to who might understand their situation.

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