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Many homeless people struggle with symptoms of mental illness, developmental disabilities and/or substance use that makes it difficult for them to provide for themselves. The CHCS PATH Program helps people address the problems that contribute to their homelessness and connects them to community resources.

  • health care
  • income support
  • legal services
  • mental health treatment
  • rehabilitation training in social skills
  • social services
  • substance use treatment
  • ID recovery
  • referrals for affordable housing and employment
CHCS Other Help - Homelessness

Services Include

  • Screening & Evaluation: a trained case worker will assess your status, inventory your needs and link you to appropriate services.
  • Outreach: The PATH outreach team identifies and screens people in need of services, develops a rapport, and offers support while assisting with immediate and basic needs.


For Eligibility

The PATH Program serves people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness and serious mental illness.

(210) 261-1700

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