At CHCS we treat people like people. CHCS has been helping people in our community achieve meaningful, independent and productive lives for more than 50 years.

With 1 in 5 people in the U.S. currently living with a mental health condition – many of which go untreated, and a national opioid epidemic that continues to claim the lives of so many caught in the throes of addiction, CHCS is shaping the landscape with programs like Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Residential Treatment for new mothers struggling with addiction, and the POWER Program for early intervention of psychosis.

Here at CHCS, real change is about the lives we touch.

It’s about the hope we give and the healing that begins to happen when someone takes that first step toward recovery. Real change takes and army of compassionate, caring people who don’t judge or view the latest attempt as a failure, but as promise toward a brighter day.

The CHCS team helps people find hope, determine their path to wellness, and discover their way to an independent, productive life.

In the event of a mental health crisis, please call the 24-Hour Crisis & Substance Use Helpline at 800-316-9241 or 210-223-SAFE (7233).

At CHCS, our dedicated staff has implemented and expanded treatment options to better serve our uniquely diverse population with integrated care services designed to treat the whole person – mind and body, and programs targeted specifically to high utilizers of emergency departments and inpatient care services.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a mental health condition or substance use challenge, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The Center for Health Care Services can help!

Knowledge is Power! Learn more about mental health:

A Story of Hope: Fonda White

Fonda White wants to change the world. He is “a fighter, a struggler, a survivor.” He is not to be defined by his mental illness or physical ailments, but by his deep-rooted desire to get better, so that he can go on to help someone else get better. That’s Fonda...

A Story of Hope: Frederick Hornsby

Brought to San Antonio during Hurricane Harvey, Frederick Hornsby is a self-described “cool, laid-back person who has been through a lot.” Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Frederick and his siblings grew up around drugs— his mother abused them and his father...

A Story of Hope: Amanda Seay

It’s hard to imagine a world without Amanda Seay in it. The vivacious, free-spirited and larger than life now 18 year old can light up a room with just her smile. As a hard-working high school student who will leave for Savannah, GA late summer to pursue her dream in...

A Story of Hope: Jose “Joe” Vargas

“Confident,” “amazing work ethic,” and “friendly.” These are just a few of the words that describe Jose “Joe” Vargas. As a consumer of The Center’s Long Term Care Services for over 15 years, Joe has been active in several programs including Host Home Companion Care...

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