In 2018, CHCS helped 36,000 people determine their path to wellness and discover their way to an independent and productive life.


After one year of participating in CHCS substance use programs, 86% of women have been reunited with their children.

In 2018, CHCS diverted approximately 6K people from jail or emergency rooms, saving taxpayers an estimated $11M.

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We’re more than a treatment program…

…we help people get better.

At CHCS, we are more than just a treatment program. We work with people across Bexar County to provide counseling, resources and the support they need to make life better. Whether it’s helping people who are struggling with addiction, or providing support and therapy to people with mental health conditions and/or other intellectual and developmental disabilities, CHCS is committed to changing lives, restoring families and producing healthier communities one person at a time.

We’re more than a mental health facility…

…we help people find hope.

At CHCS, we’re more than just a mental health provider. We believe recovery is possible for everyone we serve, and that through a full spectrum of innovative services that promote healing and independence, people can live life to their fullest potential. These services include: meeting with a psychiatric provider, medication management and follow-up care, wellness counseling and education, individual and group therapy, life skills education, case management and other services to support each person’s goals for recovery.

We’re more than a helpline…

…we help save lives.

At CHCS, our Crisis & Substance Use Helpline is more than just a phone call. Of the nearly 16,000 calls received May through October 2018, 4,200 required further assessment and crisis intervention and/or prevention. This included over-the-phone counseling as well as immediate onsite contact by our Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT), Children’s Mobile Outreach Team (CMOT) or law enforcement.

At The Center for Health Care Services

Our dedicated staff has implemented and expanded treatment options to better serve our uniquely diverse population with integrated care services designed to treat the whole person – mind and body, and programs targeted specifically to high utilizers of emergency departments and inpatient care services.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a mental health condition or substance use challenge, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The Center for Health Care Services can help.