Veteran’s Services

The Center provides assistance for active duty, retired, and veteran service members with The Military Veteran Peer Network Project. In addition to integrated health services, we train and team you with a “Battle Buddy,” a veteran who provides peer-to-peer role support. The Center and MVPN also works with the Texas Veteran Jail Diversion & Trauma Recovery Project (TVJDTR), training law enforcement on effective crisis intervention strategies when encountering a veteran experiencing the effects of mental illness.

The Military Veteran Peer Network Project (MVPN)


(210) 685-8716 cell phone


The MVPN offers free and confidential support groups for veterans, soldiers and family members. We also provide opportunities for veterans and families to find support through MVPN social events and volunteer opportunities, and act as a guide to community resources  through peer support services. We are dedicated to providing “Trust, Camaraderie and Hope” for those who served, along with the family members who support them. To join the San Antonio Chapter of MVPN, to volunteer, or for more information, please contact Gregory Morton, Veteran Coordinator at (210) 685-8716 or, or log onto