Transformational Services for Homelessness

The Center for Health Care Services is ready to help you transform, to change your life for the better: deal with your mental health challenges, heal your physical ailments, and get back on your own two feet. You’ll have a safe place to stay, and an opportunity to recover and stabilize.


In-House Wellness Program (IHWP)

(210) 261-1440

The In-House Wellness program is a six-month residential treatment program offering a safe, structured environment for men and women experiencing homelessness, mental illness, and trauma by promoting:

• Mental health education through groups and individual services with a focus on mental health recovery and trauma informed services

• Mental health stabilization through mental health services and medication compliance

• Assistance with disability benefits and/or job readiness services

• Transition to independent and stable housing

PATH–Project for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness

(210) 261-1700

PATH is the outreach team that finds people experiencing homelessness who are currently living under bridges, in the streets, and in tent cities. PATH workers can connect you to mental health services, shelter and housing programs. People with priority diagnoses are referred to The Center; other non-priority diagnoses are referred to other community agencies.

Shelter Plus Care/SNAPS

(210) 261-1456

Shelter Plus Care focuses on people with mental illness and families who experience homelessness, helping them get into permanent housing more quickly. The Center provides mental health treatment, psychosocial rehabilitation, case management and skills training. Qualified participants will receive a Section 8 Certificate through the San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA).

In-House Recovery Program (IHRP)

(210) 246-1300

IHRP is a 3 – 4 month sober living dormitory for adults experiencing homelessness and struggling with substance use disorders. IHRP staff are peer recovery support specialists that help maintain a supportive, sober living environment. IHRP utilizes the Intensive Outpatient Program, and the Life Skills Classes on the Haven for Hope campus. People also participate in employment readiness training and attend 12-Step meetings each night.

Homeless Set Aside Voucher Program

(210) 261-1456

The Center helps people who are experiencing chronic homeless and actively receiving outpatient treatment in our programs obtain a permanent Section 8 voucher with the San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA).

The Courtyard at Haven for Hope

(210) 261-1484

At the Courtyard, you will find a safe, secure place to sleep, eat, shower, and store your belongings – and a lot more. The Courtyard is your portal to all the transformational services The Center offers. Our friendly, compassionate staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you calm the chaos in your life and find your way to productive independence.

Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)

(210) 261-1444

The Center administers rental assistance for up to two years to eligible applicants who are actively receiving treatment in CHCS programs.

The Integrated Wellness Clinic

(210) 261-1432

The Wellness Clinic provides psychiatric, nursing, case management and rehabilitative services to adults experiencing homelessness. The Clinic is loacted on the Haven for Hope campus.

DSHS Supportive Housing

(210) 261-1456

The Center helps people with an active LOC 1-4 who are currently homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless, providing rent and utility assistance for up to 12 months.