Josephine Recovery Center

(210) 261-3800

People experiencing a mental health or substance abuse crisis can often benefit from a detoxification program and behavioral health stabilization unit rather than a busy emergency room that is more equipped for physical trauma. Josephine Recovery Center—a 32-bed therapeutic facility open 24/7—offers a safe, effective alternative for Bexar County adults recovering from a behavioral health crisis.

The Josephine Recovery Center (JRC) provides a safe environment staffed at all times by psychiatric nurses, skilled crisis therapists and counselors. If participants are willing to engage in activities and treatment to resolve their crisis and set upon a path to full recovery, JRC can provide an effective alternative to emergency room care.

JRC offers the following services:

  • Crisis Follow-Up/Relapse Prevention
  • Routine Case Management
  • Psychiatric Diagnostic Interview
  • Pharmacological Management
  • Medication Training/Support
  • Individual Counseling and Group Therapy (as appropriate)
  • Skills Training and Development
  • Collaboration with Local Community Resources