Healing Hearts Treatment Foster Care

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Foster families provide primary or respite care for children who need a safe, stable environment. Your consistent, caring presence and skilled teaching can help reduce trauma and help a child return to healthy, productive growth.

Healing Hearts Treatment Foster Care involves more than providing a bed and meals for children. You will receive extensive skill-based training and become the premier member of a team that includes licensed therapists, case managers and other support. Many of these kids have suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse. They need someone who understands, someone who can keep them safe, teach them new skills, and support positive change.

Licensed as a Child Placing Agency, this program provides treatment Foster Care for children who have significant behavioral and emotional problems as a result of the trauma they have experienced. This program is designed to create a family based placement option, instead of residential placement, for boys and girls ages 0 to 23. Referrals come directly from Child Protective Services, Juvenile Probation, or Respite Care.