Children’s Crisis Care Services

The Children’s Crisis Unit helps Bexar County residents between the ages of 3 and 17 who experience significant mental health issues. The Crisis Unit takes referrals from schools, law enforcement, mental health facilities, hospitals, and local mental health partners. A family may also bring a child in on a walk-in basis for immediate crisis concerns.

The goal of the Children’s Crisis Unit is to stabilize the immediate crisis and refer families to the appropriate resources. Dependent on the severity of the crisis, our qualified mental health professionals may refer you to outpatient services, community resources, or assessment for inpatient hospitalization. If hospitalization is recommended, staff will work with other facilities in the area to coordinate the assessment and placement.

If brought into our crisis unit, we are able to provide stabilization and crisis assessment. If you have a question about whether or not your child is in a crisis, you may call the Crisis Line at (210) 223-7233 or 800-316-9241. Agents will be able to provide you with information on how to proceed (reporting to the emergency room, psychiatric facility, or walk-in clinic).

Children’s Mobile Outreach Team

(210) 223-SAFE (7233)

The Children’s Mobile Outreach Team (CMOT) is a resource designed to bring a crisis worker into the community. CMOT aids health facilities in finding authorization for state beds and contract beds at psychiatric facilities. For children experiencing a crisis, the Crisis Line may refer CMOT to the child’s location for assessment.

The CHCS Children’s Mobile Outreach Team provides crisis services in the community. CMOT works both on a facility and individual level. More specifically, CMOT attempts to achieve:

  • crisis stabilization
  • assessments to provide authorization for a state/contracted bed
  • referrals to an appropriate facility service
*All minor children must be accompanied by their parents/legally authorized representative. The Crisis Hotline provides 24-hour crisis intervention and mental health assistance for Bexar County residents utilizing the Children’s Mobile Outreach Team (CMOT). The CMOT team can be dispatched to any home or facility in Bexar County to ensure proper risk assessment and make recommendations for services. The CMOT team will help arrange hospitalization if determined necessary.

To request crisis intervention services after-hours or on weekends, please call the Crisis Line at (210) 223-7233 or 800-316-9241. For a child who is not in an immediate crisis, you may contact the CHCS Intake and Eligibility department to request an appointment for mental health services at (210) 261-3350.